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Harold B. Lee, Sunday Morning Session April 1973

June 25, 2014

In answer to the questions as to whether or not there may have been any dropouts or members who have fallen away, our answer has always been to recall the Master’s parable of the sower, where the sower went out to sow. Some of the seeds fell on fertile ground, but among the seeds which fell on fertile ground, some produced thirtyfold, some sixtyfold, and some ninetyfold. So today, in about that same ratio, we have some who are partially active, some are more so, and some who are thoroughly active in the Church, but we are always reaching out to the ones who have strayed away, and we are constantly trying to bring them back into full activity.

But perhaps the most important reason of all for the growth of the Church is the individual testimonies of the divinity of this work, as would be multiplied in the hearts of the individual members of the Church. For the strength of the Church is not in the numbers, nor in the amount of tithes and offerings paid by faithful members, nor in the magnitude of chapels and temple buildings, but because in the hearts of faithful members of the Church is the conviction that this is indeed the church and kingdom of God on the earth. Without that conviction, as one of my eminent business associates remarked, “The welfare plan of the Church would be but a shambles”; also missionary work would not flourish; and members would not be faithful in making generous contributions to the Church to finance its many operations.

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