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Daniel K. Judd, The Fortunate Fall: Understanding the Blessings and Burdens of Adversity

June 8, 2014

An observation I have made of people I have worked with over the years whose lives have become burdened by serious sin is the connection between their actions and their addictions. Most of these people did not begin their journey into sin or addiction with an overwhelming desire to experience evil. Their journey began with an unwise choice or an evil deed. Instead of immediately turning away from a pornographic image or sentence, those who became addicted dwelt on what was before them. Drug addiction often begins as an experiment or an ill-advised attempt at recreation. Many adulterous affairs originate with an inappropriate conversation with a friend or coworker. Some lose their faith as a process that begins by reading faithless or other uninspired literature. The evil desire or lust for whatever it is that people become addicted to most often follows an action of one kind or another. Sadly, this love of darkness often turns into an addiction and a way of life.


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