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Marian Stoddard, Column: Things Lovely, and of Good Report

May 4, 2014

Beauty in our lives matters. The connection of generations of human outpouring does help define us through our art and culture. Even those works that depict the pains of the human condition can speak to us of our commonalities as mortal beings, giving empathy, or give us quiet reflection on the things we may suffered or have overcome.

Great works of art speak to the soul. It goes deeper than the surface of our ordinary daily experience. Roosevelt termed them “symbols of the human spirit, and of the world the freedom of the human spirit made.”

Satan doesn’t want our souls open, he absolutely does not. He doesn’t want us to contemplate wonder, awe, or freedom. His goal is always, always, to diminish us. We can see a great many things around us in our day that are celebrated but not virtuous or lovely — and they will ultimately not endure.


From → Beauty, Compassion, Satan

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    XOXO Gossip girl

  2. Sorry, your comment got caught in the spam filter and it took me a while to see it.

    I don’t think I quite understand what your blog is. I never read or watched Gossip Girl and from what I looked over, there was a long series of beauty/fashion posts and then a long series of various humorous reshares. Is there a connection I’m missing, or is it just a blog of random stuff you like and are interested in?


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