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Bruce R, McConkie, The Mortal Messiah volume 2 page 278

April 15, 2012

We cannot leave our brief consideration of this stupendous miracle (the calming of the storm at sea), however, without at least opening the door to the symbolic uses to which it may be put. For instance, manifestly it teaches that the Lord Jesus is ever near his friends and will preserve them in perilous circumstances, even if their safety calls for control of the elements.

Also, the sea – a raging, restless sea –  is a symbol of a sinful and wicked world. When Christ calms the seas of life, peace enters the hearts of men.

Further, there are those also who have likened the Church itself to a ship, steered and sailed by apostles and prophets through the waves of the world, whcih rage and toss, violently and with force, against the tempested bark, and yet never prevail. The divine ship never sinks; its faithful passengers never drown in the angry deep, because Christ sails his own ship. He may seem to be asleep on a bench with a pillow under his head, but he is there. And when in times of great peril he is aroused by the pleas of his servants, once again he rebukes the winds and the waters; he delivers those who have faith in his name; he speaks peace to troubled souls; his voice is heard again, “Peace, be still”.


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